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Gee Bee Z  Kits

This is the Gee Bee Z kit shown below.  This one had optional foam cutouts to help 
in making scale wing fillets.  Cutouts shown behind fuselage.

    The Gee Bee Z kit shown here is typical of what you will find in a Jack Devine's kit.  
Brison 4.2 Gas Engine shown only to provide size reference.

   The wings have pre-cut control surfaces, servo pockets, and wire channels. Included is ALL the balsa you will need for sheeting, ALL the hardwood and plywood pieces you will need, a generous hardware package consisting of hardware, super-strength landing gear made right here,  a top-quality fiberglass cowl produced here at Jack Devine's, and of course BIG fiberglass wheel pants (also produced here), a Lexan canopy (also produced here), and REAL Robart pin-hinges!  Check out the size of the Gee Bee Z kit shown above!  We laid a Brison 4.2 Engine 
(69cc's, NOT INCLUDED!) next to it to show you just how BIG this model really is!

Now, to impress you........

Weight : 250 Pounds.  Bouncing up and down!  Damage: NONE.  

Optional foam cutouts for making scale fillets is a $25.00 option.  We also offer a $25.00 option to precut for your retract gear and wheels on Warbirds and models with retractable gear, for any make of retracts.
Foam Bond adhesive is available for $10.00 per quart.

Jack Devine Models started as another business in 1992.
    Our goal was to provide light, strong, easy to build and fly airplane kits with a scale looking outline.  You probably know that styrofoam airplane kits have been around a long time and that styrofoam wings have been used in many kits, but very few kits use styrofoam for fuselages. The reason we chose to use foam fuselages is because we feel it is far superior to any other building material. Stick built models are very weak in their construction and fiberglass can be too heavy.  Styrofoam is strong and extremely light. Our building techniques make it even stronger!  Here in production phase, the fuselages pieces are cut out in sections,  joined in a special jig and then hollowed, forming a pre-built square box that runs the full length of the inside of the fuselage. No formers are needed!  The result is a perfect fuselage that you DON'T have to build up, all you have to do is sheet it and add your firewall, etc. !
    In the building process, you will sheet the outside of the fuselage with sixteenth inch balsa wood. The hollow "box" inside the fuselage will also be sheeted back to about the cockpit area and triangle stock is put in all the corners. This makes a very strong yet very light fuselage and leaves you plenty of room for your radio.  All control surfaces (wire channels, servo bays, etc.) are pre-cut into the wings.
    All wood pieces are high quality plywoods and hardwoods and are stamped for easy identification.  Each kit includes a fiberglass cowling, Lexan canopy and fiberglass wheel pants (depending on the kit.)  Most of the hardware and hinges you'll need for framing up and installing surfaces and landing gear is included.
    Building instructions are included in our step-by-step video!
    We are not just here to sell you a kit. We are here to provide technical support as well.  Feel free to give us a call whether you purchased a kit from us or came to own one of  our kits some other way.
    So, if you want a kit that is affordable, easy to build, easy and fun to fly, contact Jack Devine Models and give us a try.  You'll be glad you did.  I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you might have!

                    Jack Devine, Owner  -  Jack Devine Models       1- 425 - 822 - 8130

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