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Gee Bee 'R2' Racer

Jack Devine's Giant-Scale GeeBee R-2 R/C model kit Price: $375.00   

One of our R-2 models, owned by Terry Heddin  in Corpus Christi Texas, a super job of adding scale detailing!
Dick Tristao of  ModelGrafix made the stunning graphics for this bird (ModelGrafix info below).

This Giant-Scale sport-scale Gee Bee R-2  R/C racer model kit has a wingspan of 85" and builds super-light to tip the scales at just 18 to 20 pounds, giving it the best flying (and landing!) characteristics of any R-2 model in the industry today!

With the Jack Devine GeeBee R2 model, much of the work has already been done for you. Imagine opening the box and finding a fully-formed foam frame waiting there for you!  You won't have to imagine what your model is going to look like framed up.  The frame is done, the shape is already complete!  All that's left to do is follow the easy video instructions for capping, sheeting, and installing some hard points like a firewall and landing gear blocks, and your model is ready for gear and finish!  Once you look at it you'll realize with a GeeBee R2 this size just how quickly you can be in the air compared to a stick-built model.  There's just no comparison in building time, a Jack Devine model builds faster every time!     

The GEE BEE R-1 and its near-identical twin the R-2  Racer brought thousands of Americans to the edges of their seats as Lee Gehlbach piloted the R-2 to victory and  famed pilot and aeronautical engineer Jimmy Doolittle  piloted the R-1  to victory time after time.  'Experts' from near and far said the R-1 and R-2 designs wouldn't fly, then had to eat their words as the chubby little Red & White racers broke record after record in the early 1930's under Gehlbach's and Doolittle's skilled piloting. One pilot, Russell Boardman, considered to be a good pilot, met his death while flying the R-1, as it was an unforgiving bundle of power and ill-suited for anything but the best of pilots.  When describing what it was like flying the GeeBee R-1, Jimmy Doolittle likened piloting the racer to 'balancing a pencil on its point, right on the tip of your finger, and keeping it there the whole time.'  Of course, like most racers of that era, the R-version GeeBees were designed to fly with no more wing than it took to lift off and fly fast.  So their wingloading was at the absolute maximum, because to add more wing meant to add more drag, and THAT meant a slower racing speed!  

    Ask around.  You'll find that there are other brands and plans of R-2 models out there.    Like the original, those other models are built-up using stick-built frames, and that means that they can easily build up HEAVY, much like the original R-2.  Not surprisingly, the models that  build heavy often have many of the same touchy flight characteristics of the original R-2 Racer.  Fortunately, unlike the Granville brothers you do not have to choose between speed and wing area!  Thanks to Jack Devine's Foam building technology, you can have it both ways!

    The Jack Devine GeeBee R-2 racer is based on a revolutionary foam frame, is NOT heavy, and does NOT have high wingloading!  It has the advantage of Jack Devine's trademark light wing-loading and superior strength due to the foam core structure.  This means that it builds up so light that it can land slow & tame enough for even the average flyer.  In fact, you'll be amazed at how well and easily your Jack Devine R-2 model flies and lands!  And yes, you can power it up with a G-62 gas engine if you wish.  It will fly fast enough for any experienced pilot looking for a thrill!  And the foam body absorbs engine vibrations instead of allowing the vibrations to wear down its integrity!  The video guides you through the capping and sheeting of all foam pieces, and the gearing up for hardware, mounts, etc.  Are you wondering about the processes involved?  This website also has building articles filled with a variety of tips and techniques to help answer many of your construction questions, both now and after you start building your Jack Devine model!  

Click on the small photo above to see the R2 photo page.

    The wings have pre-cut control surfaces, servo pockets, and wire channels. Included is all of the balsa you will need for sheeting, a generous hardware package consisting of hardware, landing gear, a fiberglass cowling and wheelpants, and a Lexan canopy is included as well.   The Jack Devine Giant-scale R-2 model is a piece of history.  Your friends and fellow pilots will gather around for sure when you bring it to your field and fly it! 

Building Time:     This model can be built in as little as 25 hours, even with minimal building experience!

Flying skills required:  Average Flyer to advanced. 

To contact Dick Tristao & ModelGraphix :  2120 E. Kaweah Ct., Visalia, CA 93292  (559) 625-3590   E-Mail:  modelgrafix@comcast.net

Did you know?
Although Jack Devine Models has frequent production runs on both the GeeBee Z and the GeeBee R-2 racer, virtually all model kits made in those production runs are sold before they roll off the line!

To see the Multi-Views of the Gee Bee R-2 Racer, or to get a copy of the same Multi-Views that come with your Jack Devine kit, just click on the Multi-View button below!


SPECS:   28.35% Scale  /  3.4" = 1  (Meets USRA racing specifications)

           Wingspan        Length            Weight                Engine Size
                 85"                  60"             18-20 lbs.             G-45 to G-62

                Price in U.S. Dollars- $375.00  plus shipping & handling.

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