Hand-crafted Giant Scale R/C warbirds & Golden Age Racer kits!  Racers : Gee Bee Z, sport scale model, GeeBee, R-2, Super Sportster, GeeBee Y, R2, R1, Z, Y . 
Warbird models: F-4U Corsair, F4-U, P-51, Mustang, P51, P-47, RC, Thunderbolt, P47, F8F Bearcat, PT-19, Fairchild, kit, 
Focke-Wulf, FW-190A, Sea Fury, A6M3,  Zero, P-40 Warhawk, P40, B-25 Mitchell, radio control .

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Section One: WARBIRDS  

The "Weight Barrier" that has existed between modelers and great-flying R/C warbirds for so long has been broken!  
Jack Devine's Giant-Scale Warbird radio control kits are American-made,  meticulously hand-crafted models featuring some of the lightest wing-loading of any warbird models in production today!  Using a good-sized gas engine?  Our foam frame absorbs engine vibrations and is so strong it stays together under conditions where stick-built RC model airplanes will vibrate apart!  These are BIG warbirds, they are designed to FLY, and they are SUPER-EASY to build!  (Check out our building pages!)  YOU can easily build one of our warbird models in about 25 hours!   Scroll down!  Click on the model you like, and you'll FLY to a page full of information about it, and a large photo!  Many have photo pages for that model. 
Don't miss Lenny Smith's building review of his beautiful FW-190A shown here !  
A6M3 Zero
Fairchild PT-19 Trainer 
Focke-Wulf FW-190A
              P-47 Thunderbolt       
              Hawker Sea Fury 
             F4U Corsair
P-40 Warhawk    
P-51 Mustang
            FG1-A Corsair
          72" F4-U Corsair
       B-25 Mitchell Bomber
           F8F Bearcat

 Section Two:  1930's Golden-Age Racers

The Golden Age of Racing once thrilled America and captured hearts and imaginations, and for many of us, it still does today!  Everything that aviation is today we owe to these racers and the courageous men who flew in the 1930's - era Nationals.  The Warbirds of WWII borrowed many of their advanced features from those Racers.  
Our line of meticulously hand-crafted Giant Sport-Scale racer kits feature light wing-loading and strength, with the added advantage of our foam-core technology frame that absorbs engine vibrations!  These are TOUGH, light, Giant-Scale Golden-Age models with superb flight characteristics.  As big as these giants are, they are SUPER-EASY to build!  (Check out our Question & Answer & Building Tips page!) 
With their pure 1930's style, grace, and boldness, these historic Giant-Scale birds are certain to gather a crowd at your field! 
Scroll down!  Click on a photo, and start a tour!
GeeBee 'R-2' Racer
GeeBee 'Z' Racer
  GeeBee 'Y' Racer
      Laird Turner Racer
       Laird Super Solution
            R-4 Firecracker Racer
  Jeff's R-2 Building Review

More of Jeff's Review
Click on either photo above to check out our newest documented GeeBee R-2 building project!
Click here to read Jeff Quesenberry's field and flight review of his GeeBee R-2!
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Jack Devine Models is the home of the lightest, strongest Giant-Scale models anywhere, and they are made right here in the USA!  Come inside and learn why Jack Devine kits build so strong and tough, and why the legendary quality of our kits is not just the stuff of legends.  With top-quality fiberglass cowls & wheelpants made right here, flawless Lexan canopies  and super-strength landing gear also produced on-site, REAL Robart pin-hinges, and our very own Foam-Bond adhesive, our kit values are without equal in the modeling industry.  Our kits build in an average of just 25 hours! Click on the kit button below and see what comes STANDARD in our kits!  

Our building pages will demonstrate many easy techniques, and you'll discover why these are so much fun to build, and why they fly so well!  Our selection of models is sure to impress you!  Take a tour through Jack Devine Models, but make sure you have some time to spend, there's so much to see!
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