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P- 47  Thunderbolt  - Photo Page 3

 We are always happy to publish photos of your Jack Devine models.  Photos will be returned (we promise!) after scanning if you cannot provide digital photos.  

This P-47 Razorback belongs to Dan Smock.  Dan spent two years on and off building this kit and adding scale detail.  Dan decided on a G-62 for power, and he's running a 24-8 prop.  Even at that prop size, you can see that there's ground clearance, and the motor is entirely cowled in!  

This is a nice  P-47 Razorback.  Dan finished the plane with epoxy/fiberglass and then covered with Chrome Ultracote Plus, which he cut to match the panels of a full-scale Razorback.  He says he still has scale details to add, but it's pretty much at its all-up weight now, tipping the scales at 29 pounds.  Dan said " One of the guys at the field helped me put the wing on and couldn't believe how light that wing was.  All of the extra weight is in the fuselage."  He told us that the Fiberglass did add a couple of pounds, but the real extra weight came from the full set of retracts, and the TWO 2,000mAh battery packs for all 9 (NINE, yikes!) of the High-Torque, metal-geared servos, and the stock G-62 has both the heavy stock ignition AND the spring starter. We all know that weight is our enemy, so what does Dan think about this?  Dan says "It flies great.  It didn't require any extra weight to balance for C.G.  It still flies like a lightweight plane and doesn't need flaps for slow 3-point landings.  It is very smooth and always gets a lot of attention both on the ground and in the air!"  No doubt in our minds!

Dan said this about his kit; "The quality of the foam cutting was excellent.  The balsa was very good quality, and it had a very good hardware package.  I felt the instructions were a bit sparse, but the instructional video tape was good for the sheeting and framing up, although it did not cover much on engine mounting, radio and pushrod installation, etc. (See Comments below) But a warbird of this size isn't normally built by a first-time modeler, so  I had no problems and actually enjoyed that  'blank canvas'  feeling and working with it."  Dan has been modeling for 20 years.

With  lots of scale detail and functionality like Spring-Air retracts and a retractable tailwheel, Dan's Razorback wows them both on the ground and in the air!

More scale detail!  A radial coverplate.  It's a full-time coverplate, and Dan says it helps to move the air down onto the cylinder head.

You'd almost believe you were looking at a full-scale P-47 sitting out on the pad.

Ask Dan what he's doing next, and he says; "Now for that Bearcat, I would LOVE to build it and I'm already working on ways to plan the scale exhaust outlets, and the retracts.  I'll bet it would be a great platform for a nice twin-cylinder gas engine............"      You GO, Dan!!

Webmaster's note:  Because the instructional video is included with the kit, Jack Devine models do not have too much in the way of paper instructions with them, other than instructions specific to that particular model.  The instructional video covers the building process for any and all of the models.  Right here on this website, we have building technology pages  for both Balsa sheeting and using Foam Bond.  These pages designed to give you LOTS of help in the building of your model, and help with the specialized techniques utilized in their construction.  Many more pages are nearing completion and will be added in the near future!

Note: We don't usually recommend glassing Jack Devine models, but for those who are scale-masters bound, the good news is that our already-light airframes will end up lighter than any stick-built if you MUST glass it for scale detail, and will fly better than any other due to this!

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