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P- 47  Thunderbolt

Available in 'B' and 'D' models

P- 47 B

Mike Ardy is shown here with his P-47 D

Jack Devine's Giant-Scale P-47 Thunderbolt R/C kit  Price: $330.00  

With the Jack Devine P-47 model, much of the work has already been done for you. Imagine opening the box and finding a fully-formed foam frame waiting there for you!  You won't have to imagine what your model is going to look like framed up.  The frame is done, the shape is already complete!  All that's left to do is follow the easy video instructions for capping, sheeting, and installing some hard points like a firewall and landing gear blocks, and your model is ready for gear and finish!  Once you look at it you'll realize with a warbird this size just how quickly you can be in the air compared to a stick-built model.  There's just no comparison in building time, a Jack Devine model builds faster every time!  

Break the "Weight Barrier" that has existed between modelers and great flying R/C warbirds for so long!!
Our Jack Devine Giant-Scale sport-scale P-47 Thunderbolt R/C model kit comes in both Razorback or full "Jug" versions, has a wingspan of 90" and a typical finished weight of just 18 to 20  pounds using a gas engine,  a warbird that's light with a massive 1600 Square inches of wing area!  It has superb flying and landing characteristics, the best anywhere! 

    The legendary P-47 had the reputation for being the toughest plane in the skies.  It could not only dish out the punishment, it was reknowned for being able to take it as well!  Credited for bringing home many a pilot when it shouldn't have made it, the "JUG" was well-loved, and with good reason!  

    The Jack Devine Giant-scale P-47 Thunderbolt model has super-light wingloading and exceptional strength and durability due to Jack Devine's trademark foam building technology.  Foam building technology makes a warbird that will FLY!  Much like the real P-47, it's TOUGH, and just like its full-scale counterpart, it's built to take it and to "bring you home"!  It comes with our instructional video to help you build it easily.  The video guides you through the capping and sheeting of all foam pieces, and the gearing up for hardware, mounts, etc.  Are you wondering about the processes involved?  This website also has building articles filled with a variety of tips and techniques to help answer many of your construction questions, both now and after you start building your Jack Devine model!  

    The wings have pre-cut control surfaces and flaps, servo pockets, and wire channels. Included is all of the balsa you will need for sheeting, a generous hardware package consisting of hardware, landing gear, and a fiberglass cowling and Lexan canopy are included as well.  Cutting for retracts is optional.  Uses Robart Retracts Model #622 with 4"wheels.

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Building time:  This kit can be built in as little as 25 hours, even with limited building experience!

Flying skills required:  Average Flyer or above.


SPECS:        18.5% Scale   /    2.2" = 1'

Wingspan      Length       Wing Area               Weight               Engine Size
     90"                80"       1600 sq inches        18-20 lbs.         ST 3250 or G45

          Price in U.S. Dollars- $330.00  plus shipping & handling.

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