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Jeff Quesenberry's Gee Bee 'R-2' Racer Building Photos

Crossing the finish line!

 We are always happy to publish photos of your Jack Devine models.  Photos will be returned (we promise!) after scanning if you cannot provide digital photos.  

Shown here is Jeff's R-2 project as it nears completion.  The wing and wheel pants are painted, some of the numbers are in place.

This head-on shot shows how much room there is for any engine you might want to put in this bird.  Jeff's last R-2 model had a Zenoah G-62, but he's going with a Quadra Q-52 in this new GeeBee R-2. 

The size of Jeff's "Little GeeBee R-2" certainly does not leave this loveseat feeling lonely, does it?

The fuselage still needs some red paint to complete the paint theme.  Jeff ordered in some Byron Decals for the graphics, and noticed that the pinstripes were black, not the original navy blue that the Granville Brothers used on the original R-2.  This left him using black pinstriping to separate the colors, but Jeff felt that it would have very little impact upon the finished project.  We agree.  Sitting here, not yet complete, this is already one SHARP bird!  Actually, Delmar Benjamin's Full-scale R-2 Replica has black pinstriping too, so either color is representative of a real GeeBee R-2 that existed and flew.

Here is Jeff's R-2, and the only thing lacking is one set of decals he ordered, which he is waiting for.  The actual model came out at 19 1/4 pounds, and required no ballast!  Total time into this plane:  34 hours as you see it!

Shown below is the finished bird!  Jeff finally got it all together, and headed out to the field!

Hard to imagine a prettier day for a maiden flight!  Hard to imagine a prettier PLANE for a maiden flight!

This is an absolutely STUNNING example of a GeeBee R-2 Racer!  What a terrific job, Jeff!  As readers can see, the profiles and lines of this aircraft are picture-perfect.  At Jack Devine's, the foam cutting is so precise that the R-2 kit you buy will build to EXACTLY the same shape as the model you see here!  All lines are already sculpted in foam, you don't have to hope it will come out looking good.  You can concentrate more of your valuable time on paint and detailing, and less on tedious building!

Below, we see Jeff Quesenberry, the proud owner and builder of this GeeBee R-2, kneeling by his gorgeous red and white Jack Devine racer!  What a show-stopper!  

As soon as these photos were taken, Jeff took the R-2 out and flew it, and gave us his report!

The In-Flight photos

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